Half Moon Bay Rockfish - November 2013


During the summer and fall months rockfish are always fun to target.  Northern California offers a wide variety of these predatory fish that will aggressively take the correct offerings (and sometimes even the unconventional rockfish offerings).  My two favorite setups are drifting full squid or using a hardbait such as a P-Line Laser Minnow; the 4oz Blue Mack always seem to produce for me.  When we are fortunate enough to catch the more sought after rockfish such as a Vermilion, Ling Cod or Cabazon, that makes the day on the water even better.  Today was one of those days with an extra bonus, crab.  Crab season just opened up, we didn't stuff the livewell with crab today, though these four were absolutely delicious.

While you can never be too cautious when venturing into the ocean, you can catch these great eating fish on days when the weather is favorable in smaller boats just as well as you can in a large sport fisher.  I encourage you to read up on the required safety gear prior to putting you and your passengers at risk in the ocean as well as study the the tides, nautical charts and other resources available to you on the web.  You also should be aware of the varieties of rockfish that are not legal to posses in certain waters or run the risk of the local enforcement agency trading you that illegal fish for a hefty fine.

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